Product information

Alternating electric power control module (BPAA)

Save power consumption by no step adjustment of power-supply.

The power-supply module BP series is equipped with high-powered control IC of ACE ELECTROTECHNICS CORP and is intended for small and energy-saving power-supplies.
The BPAA series is an electric-power control module which enables power-supply adjustment without steps.
By turning OFF the current wave form of a power supply converter (common power supply) by a whole half-wave, fine electric power adjustment can be performed using an IC which controls the output. Unlike the method of cutting of part of the input waveform, harmonic noise is not generated easily. Step free electric power adjustment of heaters, such as cooking heaters, hot plates, electric carpets, and electric heaters has become possible.
Moreover, step free adjustment of motor rotational speeds, such as in electric fans, mixers, driers, and a small massage machines is achieved.


input commercial AC100~240V
maximum output 100W~3000W(option depends on specification)
power control system PoC cycle design


  • Non-step of electric power is available
  • Small and light
  • Energy saving (effective power use compared with an existing ON/OFF control)

Application ( Heater temperature control)

The electric power control of the BPAA series is introduced with an example of an electric hot plate.
Temperature control of existing products by repeated ON/OFF control is common. However, the BPAA system can make power fluctuation smaller than an existing system. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the temperature fluctuation of the electric hot plate. Compared with ON/OFF control, the amount of power used is less during heating. It is also possible to set preset temperature at shorter intervals.

Application ( Heater temperature control)