Product information

Alternating- and direct-current transformation power-supply module (BP series)

downsizing and weight saving of power-supply and lost power reduction

The BP series is a small sized and energy-saving power-supply module incorporating a high control performance control IC manufactured by ACE ELECTROTECHNICS CORP. The BPAD series is a non-isolated type small sized AC to DC conversion that does not use coils such as transformers or high voltage large capacity condensers.
By using ICs which can change a high voltage AC power supply (normal power supply) to a low voltage DC power supply, parts and circuits have been changed to allow two modes of operation, fixed voltage and fixed current mode operation.
This power module is intended for DC power supply to electrical/ electronic products containing power switching components like microcomputers, relays or triacs, miniature LED/LCD displays, wireless components (communication components, remote control function parts etc.) various sensor components, buzzers etc., as well low capacity chargers (1 to 4W) or various kinds of electrical appliances with small size adapters.


Input AC100~240V commercial AC100~240V
Output DC voltage 3.3V~(2 Channels)
Output DC current ~200mA

※ Outputs can be configured according to customer requests.



  • Standby power below 0.1W
  • Transformer-less design gives small size and low weight
  • No large electrolytic capacitors means long service life
  • Built in voltage overload protection
  • Universally compatible (90~264V/50 and 60Hz)

corresponding universal (90~264V/50・60Hz)

The power cord of home electrical appliances such as washing machines, air conditioners, rice cookers, microwave ovens and ovens, and small volume battery chargers and adapters are plugged in all the time, so in most cases the time that the appliance is not in use is much longer than the time in use. Recently, many countries have made regulations for the reduction of power consumed in standby mode.
The BPAD series features low standby power, the performance is demonstrated in the following applications.
Standby power can be saved on signal receiving power parts such as remote control air conditioners and remote control televisions, and motion sensor products that make an electric light turn on/off by perceiving human motion much more than existing methods.
In addition, standby power when not charged can be saved on such as electric products which need both a battery charger and an adaptor with power current below about 200A such as charging type handy vacuum cleaners and stand type razors.

Application (small and light)

Downsizing and weight saving in an electrical product using BPAD series are introduced with an example of a refrigerator.
The control circuit board below (see the picture below) has LED/CD display has a display window in the front of refrigerator, and includes microcomputer, relay and buzzer components for setting the time and temperature, and various other controls. The DC power requirements of these control modules can be provided by power modules. Compared with an existing power part, it is possible to reduce the size.。

Application (small and light)