Technical information

Features of laminate

Maximum laminate size is 2,800×1,750mm

We can laminate things as big as 2,800×1,750mm.
Our original laminate technology enables different kinds of films and sheets to make a layered structure. Displays employ various optical films. The layering of the films improves the functionality.
We laminate things by applying ultraviolet curable resin or TAC films with a single wafer processor. That makes it possible to meet the needs that are growing in size.

Specifications for laminate

  • Multilayered laminate is possible
  • It is possible to laminate materials of various combinations, such as film and film, sheet and sheet, and film and sheet.
  • A variety of materials, such as glass, plastic, and metal, can be laminated. (There are certain materials that cannot be laminated.)
  • Maximum size: 2,800×1,750mm
  • The thickness of films can be as thin as 38μm. (Contact us about the size of materials to be laminated.)
  • Maximum thickness: 20mm. (Contact us about thicker sizes.)
  • We employ a single wafer and can deal with a small order such as developing products.
  • By using our laser technology, laminated materials can be cut into various shapes. (There are certain materials, such as glass, that can not be cut.)