Technical information

Features for UV and compression molding

Technology and production for UV and compression molding

High-precision resin molding with UV and compression technology

Lens molding technology requires higher precision technology than typical plastic molding.
We employ the technique that molds materials from flat molds such as fresnel lens and lenticular. Our high-precision resin molding consists of the compression molding (heat press molding) using a press machine, and the UV molding (2P molding) that polymeric solidify ultraviolet curable resin.

From developing products to mass products

We produce original high-precision metal molds and realize super high-precision resin molding using the technology.
Our single-wafer molding technology enables high-mix and low-volume production in various sizes.
As regards to molding systems, we are always trying to improve super high-precision resin molding that meets user needs by using high level technology. We are also working on other molding technologies than UV resin.
We produce not only metal molds but also developed products and mass products.
Molded products can be cut into various shapes using our laser technology.

Specifications for UV compression molding

UV molding (2P mold)

Maximum molding size
  • 2,800×1,750mm
Base material
  • PET
  • Acrylic (MS)
  • Polycarbonate
Molding method
  • Single-wafer molding  
Thickness of base sheet
  • 100μm(PET)~5mm
  • Compression molding enables difficult monobloc seamless molding.

Seamlessly molded polyhedral fresnel lens (exterior size: 1,000×400)


Compression molding (heat press molding)

Maximum molding size
  • 1,250×1,500mm
Base material
  • Acrylic
Thickness of base sheet
  • Standard sheet thickness: 3mm (Contact us for the information about other thicknesses.)
  • UV molding (2P mold) enables the molding of UV-absorbing acrylic board that normally can not be molded.
1,000t press machine

1,000t press machine


2,000t press machine

2,000t press machine