Corporate information

President's message

Since the establishment of our company in 1960, we have always been devoting ourselves to the advancement of technology development in various fields.
"Beam", as in our name, stands for a bundle of light that keeps traveling straightforward. Our company is a bundle of each department that keeps shining with its supreme technology. "Beam" also stands for a smiling face. I would like to make our company to be a place where all workers enjoy working and are proud of our products.

The knowledge about our production has been accumulated through the profound and original skills in each department. Customers' viewpoints are always put priority in our business activities, and we have gained a reputation for high reliability in each field.

When we pursue innovative technology in one field, it results in the technological advancement in other fields. We believe this will lead us to build a technology fusion company which always creates new technologies.

Beam Electronics Industrial Co.,Ltd. has always challenged new technology fields with frontier spirits and steadily grown to today. We will aim at further growth as a technology development enterprise with the same frontier spirits.

Masayoshi Hiyama, President